The best way to win is by not losing.

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We are a boutique wealth advisory firm with a unique focus on managing risk. We combine equity risk management strategies with complementary investments designed to enhance return profiles, liquidity, and tax efficiency while dramatically reducing portfolio volatility. We provide financial planning and wealth management services to individuals, families and institutional clients.

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Our Investment Philosophy

  1. Total Portfolio Thinking

    We take a totally integrated portfolio approach in which all decisions are made in the context of the aggregate portfolio. The goal is to achieve extensive diversification across many return sources, with each portfolio component “big enough to matter, small enough not to hurt.”

  2. Convert Volatility into an Asset

    Volatility control is a core objective, not an abstract concept. Volatility exposes portfolios to more frequent and deeper periods of negative returns, requiring greater amounts of positive portfolio performance to recover.  Specifically, we use option overlay strategies to actively manage portfolio risk and deliver a source of reliable alpha in uncertain markets.

  3. Early to De-Risk & Early to Re-Risk

    The best time to reduce exposure is when an asset is expensive and risk seems low. The best time to increase exposure is when an asset is cheap and risk looms large. Easy to say, yet hard to do in the absence of a structured, systematic, objective investment process.

The Team

Fort Point was formed in 2008 on the belief that the traditional wealth advisory and asset management industry is broken. Our team has been curated to deliver a unique experience defined by investment excellence through superior risk control, exceptional service and attention to detail.

Ralph M. Drybrough

Managing Partner

Paul R. Touchstone, CFA

Managing Partner

Tim McDowell

Managing Partner

Heidi Johnson

Chief Compliance Officer

Ben Warwick

Chief Investment Officer

Jeffrey C. Spears

President & Head of Wealth Management

Annie M. Werner, CRPC

Managing Director

Oliver J. Kupe

Managing Director

Wade Pitts, CFP

Managing Director

Mark A. Anderson, CFP

Managing Director

Robin T. Brinckerhoff, CFP, CIMA

Managing Director

Travis Kauzer


Oswaldo Simental


Aaron Tran


Shelby Miller

Client Service Analyst

Lisa Chen

Client Service Analyst

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